Web development industry has grown exponentially after its birth and has, since then, went through many changes. Every year, new concepts and ideas are established for different uses. Some of these may be useful while others are harder to grasp. One thing to take note of is how success ties in with the way one rides with the changing needs and demands. Exploring trends may help develop better ideas. Here are some of the the trends for 2018 that you can use or follow in the web development industry.

Online Support System

Online support is just getting better. Gone are the days when waiting for customer service takes forever. The inception of Chat bots, a computer programming that can be used for connecting to a contact point available 24/7. The progression of Chat bots allows people to be more comfortable in the use of online support.

Web Application

A recent study on mobile usage suggests that the use of mobile application amounts to majority of mobile media use. This is why it’s easy to understand web application since it is being utilized similar to how mobile applications work. Progressive web apps look identical to mobile apps, only they are actual websites. This provides target audience an experience similar to mobile apps while navigating through a website. There are many advantages with the use of web applications especially when it comes to how efficient and accessible they are.

Push Notification

Push notifications directly send information to users and has proven its popularity in the recent years. This trend in the web development industry also also allows users to enable push notifications. This engagement towards users lessens the need for mobile apps which in return can function without an additional cost.  

Single-Page Websites 

Single-page website allows user to navigate through a web page without clicking through different links. The simplicity of single-page websites can be advantageous against the complexity of traditional websites.  Another advantage of single-page website is how easy they are to use when using a mobile device. This trend in web development is expected grow more popular in 2018.

Photo Content

Photo content consistently works well in the web industry. The trend in 2018 is mainly because of its effectivity to spark conversation. Photo content is not new and came into existence during a time where print magazines were in demand. The use use of photo content with the necessary information will be an important groundwork to online success.

Looking into trends can be a trip to the past or the future. These trends, regardless of their longevity in the web industry, will play a role–big or small–into creating concepts, ideas, and innovations in the future. It is important to utilize these things while working ahead of others to be in the lead among competitors.

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