Social media marketing is an important tool to spread the word about your company, products and services. Thus, if you have multiple products in multiple locations with different goals handled by different teams, then you should consider having multiple social media accounts instead of sticking into just one account. It will be good for your business to stay unique while related to others. So the question is, why do you need multiple social media accounts? You will need it to take control and be specific on whatever products or services your company is offering to your customers.

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Who needs multiple social media accounts?

Small or medium sized-businesses

  • Select different portion of your social media pages so that you can properly manage the customer service part or any other part of your business. Let’s say you own an ecommerce website. You have to separate the customer service portion of it to the acceptance of orders. You should not just also focus on just one social media platforms. Today, the more you participate in different social media marketing platforms, more customers will know about your brand.


  • If you own a corporation you should sort out and create multiple social media accounts for each department or each branches of your business so that people can distinguish to where and whom they are looking and speaking at.


  • If you own a franchise, you should distinguish yourself on social media in terms of locations.


  • Own multiple social media accounts so that you can manage to work for different companies all at once.


  • This is all about separating different organizations to others but from a certain university so that they can all focus on what goals they have and how they are going to interact with their audiences. You cannot mix sports and arts in just one social media account.


  • Nowadays those social media influencers are on top of most social media marketing strategies of most businesses, they should also have to manage for their multiple social media networking sites. Good thing that they can now use different tools and features to do it.

How to manage multiple social media accounts?

handling multiple social media accounts

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There are many ways on how you can manage your multiple social media accounts. We listed here some of our top three ways for your reference.


Take time to scan your social media accounts

  • You should monitor all the views, visits and everything about your social media accounts. Sit and look for appropriate photos, shareable contents and promotional contents for your social media accounts. Sometimes it can be a little stressful. However, having an organized social media marketing strategy is the first thing that you should consider before taking the next step.

Schedule posts

  • Whether you’ll be posting on Twitter or Facebook, they have certain features that let you schedule your posts ahead of time. Because of this your social media account will never be stagnant. Always remember that having an updated social media marketing accounts will attract more customers and engage in everything that you post. Aside from it, the right content will always be the king. Set schedules to reach and talk to your readers and followers so that they will feel welcome and appreciated.

Use different social media marketing tools

  • There are many tools which you can use to manage your multiple social media marketing accounts properly. You can look for the best that will suit your business needs or personal needs. Tools like Buffer and SproutSocial will make your social media marketing management easier.


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