Today Social Media is considered a strong tool in reaching out to people in all parts of the globe, strengthening connections and spreading information. People have now been well accustomed in terms of the use of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Apart from socialization, these platforms are also being used as a venue for businesses to advertise, promote and sell their products and services.

Indeed we have come to that point in time where in, our technological advancements are centred in our own convenience. Even in ordering food or buying any item, all of these can now be easily  done online.

For business owners, your social media marketing strategy should always be in one of your top priorities. This is solely because, it is where you can gain more sales and make your brand known geographically. Given how fast are the occurring changes in our technology, now that we have just started 2019, you are sure to expect some alterations in terms of social media marketing.

Let us take a good look at some of the social media marketing trends as to be expected this year:

Video posting is the new way of creating an effective engagement

Gone are the days of writing posts. At our present time, video is now the most effective way for brands to create an engagement with its followers. Facebook live videos now are actually one of the leading ways for brands to reach out to their target consumers and immediately gain a reaction, real time.

These live videos are also available on Instagram and recently have been also made available to YouTube and Snapchat. Furthermore, you don’t always have to go live to reach out to people. Creating videos can now be done even by using your own phone. You can create a quality video anytime an upload it later on.

Paid social media advertising

This has not only happened this year, businesses have now been fully aware that social media platforms have already started monetising through ads. This trend is said to continue this year and is not going anywhere even in the coming years.

Business owners must understand that a paid ad is now required to reach a much wider audience in social media. Although this is only applicable in Facebook, it can also be an implication that it can also be most likely to happen to other social media platforms.

From millennials to generation Z

Although millennials are continuously on the top target for most brands. This year, 2019, marks a new milestone as the earliest members of generation Z have now entered into the workforce.

Generation Z are the age group where technology revolution has arised. This is the time where laptops, tablets and social media are a part of youngsters growth. This is the time where technology and social media are the fastest way of gaining information.

For business owners, it means that you have to reach out to them through these same things in order for your brand to succeed. Remaining active on all social medias is the key, not just on Facebook but also most specially on Snapchat, twitter and Instagram. Survey says that 70% out of 800 million active users of these platforms belong to the younger crowd.

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