Web development is such an essential task for businesses with ecommerce platforms. Considering our technologically advanced age, having a fully functional and up-to-date ecommerce site must be in one of the top priorities of every company.

Our modernised world is primarily the reason why digitisation is the key to every business success. Furthermore, when we speak of web development, it actually has a wide range of functionality. In web development, you are to expect ceaseless changes and updates literally every year. As a matter of fact, changes on the trends are continuously occurring on a constant phase. As predicted, these constant changes will be sustained for this year and the following years to come.

Keeping up with what is on trend is not enough if your aim is to be on the leading end of the online world. In terms of web development, the most important thing to know is that, you have to always stay ahead of the game. As a matter of fact, this concept should also be applied to everything involved in every company’s business strategy. Let us help you have a brief understanding of how web development works.

What exactly is Web Development?

Web development is a series of tasks that are interconnected to website development hosted via the internet. These tasks mainly involve:

  • Programming to enable a certain website’s functionality, depending on the owner’s requirements.
  • Coding and writing mark-up, these two are non-design aspects of building a certain website.
  • Creating from simple text pages to a complex web design applications, electronic business applications, including social network applications.

What are the emerging innovations to be expected in 2019?

Now let us give you some ideas of the trends that are to be expected this year, in terms of web development:

Mobile Approach

Our era has definitely changed how we live our everyday lives. Our excessive use of our mobile phones probably dominates most of our time in a day. This clearly one main reason how important it is to have a fully functional and responsive mobile app.

Note that web experience is different from mobile app experience. There is also no doubting that most probably, almost all people will visit your site using their mobile devices.

Static site generators

Although this trend has been already previously made known, this is just one trend that is to continue to reign in this year.

These generators are mainly used to develop a website with plain texts which are stored in files. A static website which is built using generators has an advantage of better loading speed and easier traffic handling.


Another up and running trend that is to continue this year is the use of JavaScript frameworks. According to web developers, this concept has a much more easier and more adaptable functions to offer.

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