What do you mean by responsive web design? If you’re a small business owner you can be confused about the hot topic trend about web designs which started in 2013. If you’re going to look at your website and you think that it is good enough for a four years old web design this 2016, then you should consider finding the meaning of responsive web designs. If you’re not going to try this trend, then you can be left behind.

5 Elements to Consider in Creating Website Designs

Responsive web designs are designs which automatically reformat its web page so that it will adapt any screen dimensions for your tablets and smartphones. It also has an easy navigation method and swiping features which can be easier to browse on most portable devices.

Why do you need a responsive web design?

If you don’t really know why you need a responsive web design right now, we will help you fully understand how important it is nowadays. Let us go back to the time ten years ago. We all know that everyone was used to browsing and surfing the Internet on a wide computer monitor and our web designers are comfortable with that. Fast forward to ten years after, we now have smartphones and tablets glued to our hands. Here is the question that you can now answer. Which devices are commonly used by most people in browsing and surfing the internet? The answer, of course, is on their tablets and smartphones? People are into portable devices now. Since everyone is using those devices, web designers create responsive web designs that will be easier to browse on those devices.

What mobile means to your business?

Responsive web designs are now popular when it comes to businesses. If you have a small business and your target customers are from your country, then where are they going to browse your website whenever they see it on Facebook or Twitter? Do you think they are going home instantly while they are in the coffee shop just to check and shop on your website using their desktop computers at home? Think about the same situation that you can also experience if you’re the one who’s going to shop online.

Why do you need it right now?

Businesses and companies are now busy doing something to have a responsive website so if you don’t want to be left behind with your four years old website, you better call your web designers and let them do the job now.

Why your current web design is not enough?

Your website’s main problem is not really easy to view on a portable smartphone or tablet because the images and videos are too large. The menus and links are hard to use. It can work well while using keyboard and mouse but not that easy to browse using fingers on a touchscreen device. Sometimes your customers may notice these problems too and will cause them to leave your website. The result is that they will go to another website to browse easier using their touchscreen gadgets which is not good for your business.

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