If you’re one of those people who want to build their own business online because you got inspired by everyone who’s doing it, then you can relate with this post. Working from home and having your own time freedom is the best job that you can have compared to working in an office for 9am to 6pm. It is not really difficult to set up the best eCommerce website to attract customers and achieve goals if you already know the different factors to consider about having an online business. Now that people are always doing different transactions online, you can be one of those successful people who have an e-commerce website to sell your products. Always remember that social media will do the biggest help to get your customer’s attention but let us first talk about the key steps when building your first ecommerce website.


Decide the purpose of your website.

Before you create your own ecommerce website, think carefully what is the purpose of your website and what can it do for you. You can create a website which only tells different information about you or sell products on it directly. Think about the best domain name. When we say best, go for names which can be remembered easily by your future customers. Build an eCommerce website with a purpose or if you need something about it, you can hire a web developer to do it for you.


Choose your web content management software.

If you aim to create an ecommerce website, make sure to choose the appropriate software for it like OpenCart, VirtueMart or Magento. If you’re just going to put some information about your products and services, you can choose Joomla or WordPress.


Choose a web host.

Since you are just about to start, it is better to go for those affordable web hosting services. Your expected traffic and visits will depend on your web hosting service. If you’re going to install it by yourself, make sure that there is a customer service support that will guide you through the step by step installation.


Choose a template and plugins for your website.

Once you’ve done choosing the software and web host, you have to think about different features and web design of your website. You may want it to look like professionally made with a unique twist and personalized set of colors. Set up shopping carts, payment methods and other features that you like. You can get affordable templates for as low


Organize your website.

The next step after choosing template and plugins for your website is to organize it. If you’ve chosen ecommerce software, some features are already installed on their proper places. The first thing that you should think about when you choose WordPress or Joomla is organizing each feature to create a clean-looking website. Know where the best places for menus, promotional banners or shopping cart.


Develop your website’s content.

The key to attract more customers and gain huge numbers of followers is always the best content. If you write high-quality articles related to your business, people will keep browsing your site and once they found an answer for their questions they will end up buying your products or services. Add relevant high-quality photos to make it realistic and for your customers to see what your products and services will really look like. You also have to write appropriate captions and product information.


Maintain your website.

Now that you’ve done all the things that we said before, this is your time to maintain and update your ecommerce website. Build your audience and target customers. Create social media accounts intended for your website and always post an update. Research more on how you can attract more customers from different social media marketing techniques.


Source: http://www.allbusiness.com

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