Every website designer will agree that WordPress is one of the most used and famous blogging platforms. However, its popularity and usefulness also equal to tons of plug-ins and themes. As a website designer, you must realize that understanding the basics is not enough. And if ever you want to improve and have a better career, you will have to dive into the sea of approximately 55,000 WordPress services and tools. So, to help you sort out the best candidates, here are the top five picks for you. 

1. WordPress Site Care

WordPress Site Care was introduced by Newt Labs to help designers like you in managing your website. Their team provides support when it comes to fixing small issues and giving nonstop updates and assistance. You do not have to worry about the day-to-day management tasks, as they handle everything from core, theme, and plugin updates even up to security monitoring. Plus, they also do daily back-up of your WordPress site. To keep your brand reputation stable, the Newt Labs team also protects your website against blacklists. When it comes to providing maintenance, they present the latest video tutorials from WooCommerce and WordPress in the dashboard. With their help, you can definitely make the most out of your website and content.

2. WordLift

WordLift is a great support for every website designer who wants to improve user engagement. WordLift partners with WooRank to make use of AI for SEO and measure content’s efficiency in Google with regard to factors influencing organic traffic such as search rankings. This plugin also encourages search engines to understand the purpose of your content by translating them into machine-readable data and knowledge graphs. 

3. Modula

Modula is a WordPress photo gallery plugin that is highly ideal to use if you want to customize and build your own design. WordPress does not have much of a solution when it comes to hosting image galleries. You will want to use Modula if you do not want to get stuck using the same visual styles which are already existing on every gallery on the web. 

4. Brizy WordPress Website Builder

Admit it, as a website designer, you also felt lazy at one point. Thus, if you are not in the mood to go into coding or you just started our web designing journey, Brizy WordPress can be the tool for you. This website builder is very free to download and you can create your first website without spending even a penny. With this, Brizy also gives you access to professionally-designed and ready-to-use 16 pop-ups, 150 layouts, and 240 blocks with 4,000 icons. You can choose and customize the color and fonts that you want to use on every page and even save it for future use. 

5. Elementor

Last but not least is Elementor. This website builder allows website designers to create a website minus the coding tasks. Elementor offers 100+ templates you can choose from. With its features, you will be able to create a high-quality website better and quicker. Also, this builder has already established its usefulness with over 2 million active installs. The command is very easy with drag and drop. Besides, it is packed with handy and effective widgets which you can use to start with your layouts. Once you start working with Elementor, you will find yourself enjoying its different features. From hover and scroll animations to popups and up to advanced forms.

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