As one of the most in-demand professionals nowadays, you will notice that website developers, just like any other creative individual, have their different work styles and preferences. Whether you are a business owner who wants to check out which type of website developer will fit your job opening or you are a website developer yourself, here’s a list of your kind.


1. The Doers

Everyone needs to get their job done. However, when it comes to the Doers, assume that the number one on their list of priorities will always be finishing their job. They are always ready and prepared, starting from having the latest workflow set up to having the fastest framework. You can quickly tell if someone is a doer if they have tasks runners such as Gulp or Grunt.


2. The Traditionalists

As the name suggests, people from this kind of group are traditional, most especially on hin they stick to the rules. They commonly use Vanilla JavaScript and do not have much problem with utilizing traditional ways and languages, as a matter of fact, they are more bothered with new frameworks or libraries.


3. The Polyglots

Polyglots are capable of using several programming languages. They can be compared to circus jugglers when they go juggling SASS and SQL. Polyglots are fluent with at least 4-5 languages and you must be proud to be one of them if you were able to acquire those skills. However, most web developers do not become polyglots by choice but rather because of their work situation.


4. The Perfectionists

You must think that perfectionist types are those who write flawless codes, but no. Genuine perfectionists are concerned about going beyond coding. They do not just simply look and code but they also do all the documentation. This process involves focusing on naming variables and giving comments. Well, every web developer knows that documentation is a vital thing but not everyone is as sensitive enough like the perfectionist types that will go for all the trouble of doing it.


5. The Artsy

The Artsy types consider CSS as their mother tongue and Codepen as their favorite hub. Individuals who are part of this group are developers who are addicted to designs such as filters, animations, colors, and shapes. Pairing an Artsy type with a web designer will be like creating a one of a kind perfect combination.


6. The Reuser

Reusers are those developers who are considered as most experienced. Because of their experiences, they developed the skill to predict which block of code will make multiple appearances. With that, right from the start, they already have a bunch of reusable code snippets ready for optimization.


7. The Bookworms

The Bookworm types are just as they are. They are the ones who use books to understand and get the in-depth knowledge they want to achieve. Bookworms believe that there is just some knowledge that you can never find anywhere other than books. These types are described by other web developers as “walking encyclopedia on programming” and the perfect example of an introvert and a nerd. You can definitely count on them if you have any programming or code issues.


8. The Debuggers

People who are well-experienced with all the debugging options and tools in the browser and IDE can be considered as part of this group. Debuggers are very wise in talks of analyzing the flow of events and are very keen on finding the trigger in every chain of code. Whether it’s catching bugs from their own codes or codes built by the others, they find a way to search for it.


9. The Researchers

The Researcher types do not just see codes as codes. For them, it is a wide topic that you can encounter in discussions, Q and As and blogs. They dissect every single code to find their purpose. Researchers do not just stop after reading documentations but they also try to execute experiments and share the results with everyone.


10. The Sociables

The Sociables are just sociable as they are. These types of website developer meet up with the others to go for a drink and discuss the latest trends in programming. They share the excitement as they wait for the upcoming releases on both hardware devices and software applications. Sometimes, they even take this opportunity to swap phones with one another to experience a different OS.


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