SEO is one of the basic website needs if you want to increase your search ranking from search engines. With proper search engine optimization, you’ll get better results for it. Before you start your SEO, make sure that you pick the proper SEO keywords for your website. You have to know what your site is all about, your purpose and how dedicated you are in maintaining it. If you’ve already figured those things out, then you are now ready to build your website with better SEO and web design. Here are twelve tips from us which you can use for your web designing and search engine optimization.

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1. Create a website for something specific.

Of course, you need to create a website surely for something that you like. Do keyword researches to help you decide which topic or things you’re going to create a website for. This is what we call purpose.

2. Mention keywords properly.

You should know where to include your keywords so that you’ll get a better article with SEO. Keywords are should be in your title, Meta descriptions, contents, taglines and blog categories.

3. Link to your site internally.

Many website owners do this strategy. You wouldn’t want your readers to click something from your site to another site and leave yours without going back to check it. You should link something related to the topic and link it to the other one which tackles more about it.

4. Use permalinks with keywords.

Some website owners do not pay attention to their urls and links. Check it. Instead of having letters, special characters and numbers on your permalink, add keywords to it.

5. Remove anything which slows down your website.

Get rid of those non-essential things on your websites including large images, other plugins, music players and flash graphics. Page-loading time is important for your website.

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6. Create and use keywords for your images.

You can include what is your site all about by changing the name of your image. Instead of 123.jpg you can change it to web-design.jpg.

7. Link your website to another website with relevant content.

You can add a blogroll links or resources list on your website so that your readers will know what your website is all about and relevant to. When people click those links, it only tells search engines that your website is trusted for a specific topic.

8. Update your website regularly.

Take time to schedule in posting or updating something on your website. Websites which are updated regularly with good contents do well on search engines. Add this to your web design tasks.

9. Add your website to search engines.

If you want to be included and do well with search engine ranking, make sure that you add your site to them directly. It’s not all about the web design but learning on how you website will perform well is a usable aspect especially when you own a business.

10. Start Guest posting.

If you want other website to link your website to their websites, the first thing that you should do is try guest posting. There are many website with thousands of pageviews and higher search ranking looking for guest posting.

11.  Forget about changing your domain name.

Many people are not satisfied and happy about the domain name that they have and that’s why they keep on changing it. You will never get that value of your website if you keep changing it over and over again.

12.  Write as a human.

People will never be happy if they read something which sounds like a robot wrote it on your website. Take time to write something that your readers will be interested with. Make a schedule of regular posting so that people can look forward for your next posts. The best web designer knows how to engage her audience through content in her website.


It will be easier for you to get better results from your web design if you follow and apply these tips on your website.

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