A business is not complete without a website. While it can be easier to hire an outsourcing company to let them do your web design with their talented web designers, sometimes you’ll try to do it but you need more tips on how to create the best web design. It can be as challenging as brainstorming for your new marketing strategies but you have to widen your expertise and learn how to practice it. You can always be creative but there are times that doing the same thing all over can be quite routinely and somehow your creativity will never be good as the same when you’re just starting doing website designs. For the modern world we live in today, many different web design trends are here and you have to follow these trends so that your business websites will never be left alone.


Here are nine quick tips on how you can improve your web design skills.


1. Go for the shades of gray as a start

Your wireframe should be in a grayscale visual design. Step by step, add photography and slowly add color to design every element one at a time for better results. An over-designed website is not good and this step will prevent your website to have it. Simplicity and placing prominence on only the items that needed it is a good idea for a balance-designed website.


2. Simplify your Navigation

Forget about those dropdown menus and reduce the number of links that can be found in your sidebar and navigation. Make it simple, informative and clean. Put only the important links in your navigation since too many links may be overwhelming to visitors.


3. Use Keynote for Mac

Keynote is an apple’s version of PowerPoint and you can use it to create rapid prototypes of web pages, call to actions landing pages and many other web interface elements.


4. Ditch sidebars

I know sidebars have been popular with blogs but removing your sidebars can encourage your reader to read and put their attention to the article and every call to action at the end of it.


5. Do not Prioritize Social media icons

You don’t need to put those social media icons in your header because once your user clicks on that icon it will leave your website. Make sure to put social media icons in the footer of your website. Put the inquiry page for your services and products in the header instead of social media icons.


6. Forget the Slideshows/Carousel

Your home page should tell all the information about your website and a slideshow/image carousel is not good. People will usually look at it rather than staying longer on your website. Promote your company, services, and products on the home page.


7. Consider font size

If you can notice, a text is difficult to read on the computer screen and typography plays an important role when it comes to your web design. Increase your font sizes to headings and other important parts of your website. If you think you’re happy with your normal font size, try to increase it so that it will be better for you and your reader’s eyes.


8. Be inspired by the color of nature

If you struggle to find the perfect combination for your website and call to action images, get inspired by nature. Those colors of nature will never fail your website to look amazing and perfect for your readers.


9. Start with a great plan

Learn to stay away from your computer once in awhile especially if you’re thinking about web design. Get ideas using a piece of paper and pencil. Draw whatever you think is best for your web design. Some web designers do this strategy to get more creativity running on their heads. It will be also easier for you to erase and change something that you don’t like from it.


Every web design is an art from the mind and hands of a web designer. Although you are free to do it on your own, you should consider the web design trends and your audience.

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