So we have officially started our 2019. What makes the start of every year extraordinary is that everyone gets a chance to start fresh. However, this concept can also be very applicable to your website. Remember that the appearance of your own ecommerce website is the very first thing that viewers notice as they visit your site.

Why remodel your website in 2019?

As a business owner keeping the relevance of your website’s design to the ever changing world should always be a part of your business strategies. Furthermore, you should also assess whether your website is not anymore generating enough leads over the past months. Each year, major changes in modernisation always arises. Continuous innovation is to be continually expected as well. If you take into consideration the given facts above, now is actually the time to revamp your website.

Who should do the job?

Redesigning your website is not a one man show. Moreover, as a business owner, you also won’t be able to handle this type of job alone, even if you have the knowledge to do so. Know that you always have two options:

  • Let your in-house team perform the task – who else knows your brand better than you and your own people. Plus, communication and giving off instructions and added ideas are less of your worries. However, recreating your website will need some coding skills, designing, SEO and Content management. These things may overwhelm your in-house team.
  • Outsourcing – making use of freelancers or an outsourcing company to handle your website can a little risky but most of the time, it usually has very positive outcomes. An experienced outsourcing team always has advanced skills in making a user friendly and top notch websites. In addition, they will usually guide you through its process and will keep you involved and updated with the given project.

What should be my website’s design?

Probably one exciting part of remodelling your website is how your design will look like. As you may be well aware of, today’s trends are constantly changing, most like in just a blink of an eye. So keeping up with what’s in trend is vital on every website’s design. Here are some emerging trends that you can consider incorporating to your site:

Minimalistic designs

Keeping it simple like making use of plain colors, shapes and minimal content which are not overly crowded will most definitely increase your chances of site visits. Today, convenience is the key!

Geometric shapes and transparent buttons

Incorporating shapes and patterns on your website will spark interest on your viewers. Transparent buttons also adds to a different element on your website, this will encourage your site visitors to click on it and create even more engagements.


It is actually a photograph with a minor or minimal movement, forming a video clip, usually in a form of a gif.

Hero image

In web design, it is a large web banner image. It is commonly placed in front and centre of your web page. It is usually the first image your visitors are able to view on your website. It must incorporate an overview of your sites major content.

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