Digital marketing is the top key element for every marketing strategy. However, it’s not always enough. You need to have a team of people who are not just experts but they also have to understand and analyse what your target people wants.

Defining In-house and Outsourcing:

Before you decide whether it’s for your business to stick to your in-house or seek help to outside parties, the first thing you should do is to assess your own people. However, before we dive further into both differences,as well as its pros and cons. Let us first give you an in-depth definition for both:

  • In-house: These are the people within your company. These people work exclusively for your own company. You have the sole responsibility to hire these people and build your own team. Your marketing team will be composed of: marketing manager, social media and SEO expert, writer.
  • Outsourced team: These are experts from agencies who specialises in marketing matters. Take note that this people are usually commissioned to an organisation. They may work on multiple projects at any given pace. These people are experts in terms of PR marketing, content, social media and of course design.

Weigh in your options:

You might be torn between your options, although a lot of companies have actually gained a successful outcome in outsourcing their digital marketing, giving private information about your company to an external team can be too risky. However, your in-house team might not have enough resources or skills for the job in hand.

What other business owners don’t know is that, they can actually do both. However, this may not work to all types of businesses. So here are guides for you to consider before you make a decision:

Fresh and new ideas

One edge of an outsourced team is that they have the capacity to think outside of the box and they have already dealt with different types of brands. Their experiences have exposed them to various strategic ways in marketing certain products and services.


In considering both costs, you should not only think of it in terms of money but also the time,load of work and of course effort.
Hiring a full time in-house team will guarantee you with greater costs as to outsourcing. Apart from salary, you also have to provide your team with the proper resources, trainings to hone their skills and of course, their employee benefits.

On the other hand, if you choose to outsource, you have to consider which outsourcing company to choose out of tons of bpo companies available in the market. You have to base it according to your allotted budget and the services that your company needs.

Which taps into the latest technology

In our fast moving world, everything can change in just one blink of an eye. This also strongly applies to to the ever changing digital world. An in-house team may sometimes tend to lose track of the latest updates regarding technological advancements or algorithm updates since they are confined in just one place.

As for an outsourced team, part of their jobs is to be constantly exposed on what’s in trend since they are mostly dealing with different types of clients and their brands. They must be kept aware of the most current marketing practices and software to attract more clients.

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