There are actually a lot of misconceptions about link building in Digital Marketing. Link building is the most commonly misunderstood tool in SEO. Regardless, as an SEO specialist, you may have often encounter different information describing the irrelevance of link building and how links are not really necessary to rank in google.

Nevertheless, it is actually one strategic key in SEO to increase the drive of referral traffic and expand the site’s authority. Link building procures hyperlinks from different websites to one’s own website. These links are used by search engines to to determine each website’s ranking.

Hyperlinks are used to navigate from other pages in the internet. In addition, for a much clearer understanding, search engines use links to go through the web. They also make use of the links between individual websites.

There are many strategies that every SEO can do for link building. However, each varies on the level of difficulty. A lot of SEO experts will have to agree that link building is actually one of the hardest parts of their job.

How Link Building can be beneficial for one’s business:

Build relationship

It can help you establish a relationship with other websites and blogs in your kind of field. Furthermore, by establishing a relationship with another website or a blog, one is able to promote a product or service through linking to another website.

Brand awareness

By means of posting valuable and positive contents which generates more links for your business, you are establishing your own name in your niche market.

Online visibility

Increased online visibility can be achieved by making your website available in different places all throughout the web. However, before doing this, you have to consider the basics of search engines.

Referral traffic

Acquiring a lot of back-links means that you have increased chances for people to discover your products or services.

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