In terms of search engine optimisation, content is always the key! Whether be it a blog post, a website’s copy or a guest posting, you should be able to understand that a “content” is an essential part of every SEO.

In SEO content writing, not all created content can absolutely boost your business when it comes to search engine optimisation. A quality content mixed with the right amount of creativity will greatly affect your SEO.

Remember that if you don’t make use of a little creativity in your content, chances are, you will be creating generic content like many of your competitors. As a result, it will certainly reduce your possibilities of crawling way up the search engines and standing out.

Below are some SEO content writing tips to help you write an effective content and at the same time, balance out your creativity:

Incorporate facts and figures

Including facts and figures will help support your given information and arguments. These also allow you to create an even more persuasive content for your audience, granting you effectivity in your created SEO content. Still, you should not only focus on the facts and figures, you should also be able to provide an engaging content so that it won’t look as if you are only presenting a boring report with given numbers.

Make use of essential keywords

As an SEO specialist, you must be well aware that the very first step in content creation is looking for important keywords or phrases that your target audiences are usually searching in google.

In doing so, you can utilise “Google Keyword Planner”, a free application, to help you find what you are looking for. When you have already come up with a list, next step is to include what you have searched in your content.

Arrange your content for readers with short attention span

There are a lot of people who will just skim through your created content, this always happens. Although sometimes these people will not leave your website, they won’t make time to read through every content or even try to understand what you have written on your site and read between the lines.

In dealing with these types of people, best thing to do is to be able to catch their attention. You can actually do this by organising your content. Make use of bullet points, subheadings or you can italicise/ bold out some important information. Minimise your sentences, paragraphs and put your important contents in the middle and end part of every piece.

Make use of imagery

 Ever heard of the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words?” This is may apply to people who are not into reading. Know that an appealing image will attract your target audience.

Know that there are actually a lot of ways where you can incorporate an image to your content. You can make use of product image, blog image and of course info-graphics. Furthermore, once you incorporate these images to your content, do not forget to use ALT tag in every image to make it appear on search engines.

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