Blogging for business is one basic tool that every business must have aside from having their website. There are many types of business website that can have blogs such as ecommerce website, portfolio website and personal website. If you look back ten years ago, there was never too many business websites with blogs. Now that it is 2016, a lot of things changed. Aside from perks that a business can get from social media, it will be all about blogging for your business nowadays. So why would you consider blogging for your business a one great marketing tactic? Here are the reasons why.

It helps your website drive more traffic.

Who doesn’t want more traffic to their websites? Make a website that is full of traffic and email list. For sure, all of you are doing everything to grow your email list and get higher search engine ranking. It will never happen within just one night. You have to be patient, be dedicated and passionate about doing something to achieve your goal for your website. People will find your business by just typing your name, your business or a certain keyword from your blog that might result in sales. When your ecommerce website is new, you’ll definitely have few pages and in order for you to cope up with the requirements of search engines, you will need to stay updated with it. Creating a blog will definitely answer your problem regarding content, social media and search engine. It also helps you with boosting your social media presence because every time you publish a blog post, your content can be shared by people who understand and interested to spread it. A blog post can be shared with most of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other networking sites. Social media will help you gain new audience that may be interested with whatever services or products you will have.

It helps traffic convert into leads.

The traffic coming from your blog can be converted to leads. It is advisable to create call-to-action for your blog posts so that your reader can read something new but related to the main blog post that he or she visited. It means you’re going to create free stuff for them in exchange for their information as part of a new audience built from the traffic. Free stuff means free eBook downloads, free trials, free webinars, etc. If you don’t really understand it, here is the simple steps which help traffic convert into leads.

A visitor visits your website then see a click to action for a free offer. He or she will click it and gets to the landing page which has the form for them to write their information. Once he or she finished it and submits information, he will receive the free offer. Always remember that not all visitors will turn into leads. Don’t worry about it. Make a website and just keep on blogging for quality related contents and you will see improvements each month.

It helps establish an authority.

A particularly handy tool for sales and service professionals is consistently creating better content that is helpful for their target customers. It will help you establish you and your brand’s authority in your customer’s eyes. Make a website with answers written on it about your business. You can help to clear up your customer’s confused mind through blogging and maybe can catch a good deal out of it. Establishing an authority is a powerful stuff when it comes to blogging for business. There are many sales enablement opportunities that blogging for business can bring into your brand. Always make sure that you post topics which can answer your customer’s questions so that they can just find it on your website without going to Google to find reviews and recommendations about your products and services.

It drives long-term results.

A blog post will be forever on your website so you still have many opportunities coming when it comes to traffic and leads. It doesn’t end when you published it and rely on the traffic and leads that you got from that day. Even when your blog post was published two years ago and then people get to be interested with that topic, search engines are still connected to that blog post which result new traffic and leads for your website. Get ready to make a website full of opportunities coming from your blog.


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