You can get many different benefits from outsourcing. Your business is the platform in which you can generate passive income and increase the value of integrity. Most of the time, outsourcing companies can help you climb that ladder of success but there will be a time that you will decide on your own and hire a freelancer. Let us talk about hiring an outsourced web designer. How are you going to do that when you don’t have an idea about the process of hiring an outsourced person to do tasks for your business?

Here are the things that you should do to get all the things that you needed when hiring an outsourced web designer.

Understand their expertise.

Web designers are the one who will determine the layout, graphics, text and other parts of the site while graphic designers create the colors, graphics, and fonts. Web developers are the people who take the design and write the code for it. Internet marketer is the one to call when it comes to increasing traffic to your site through SEO or search engine optimization.


Think about Core Competencies of your Team.

Although we can say that the web designer plays a great role when it comes to building your website, you should know first your needs and your internal employee’s ability to adapt with it. Once you hadn’t found someone internally the best fit to do the job, it is now the time to ask for recommendations or go for an outsourced web designer. You can use the Internet to find someone who will be the best web designer for this kind of task.


Don’t just Hire the First Promising Candidate that you’ll See.

Set your standards and qualifications. Do not just hire someone you think who have the ability to create websites and then just finish it. Be wise. Look for the ideal attitude and professionalism for your web designer. Look for several candidates and compare them so you can pick which one is the best web designer for you who will not just build a website but can support your questions when you need him. Check this process so you will be guided on the proper process of hiring a web designer.

  • Check their previous clients, work, and the websites that they’ve created.
  • Take an online search. Search for their profiles on LinkedIn, search engines, and other social media sites aside from just checking their portfolio websites.
  • Ask for references. Customer satisfaction is important and you might have the same situation and needs from their previous clients who can give you accurate details about their works.
  • Ask for different kinds of questions to test their capability of having strong customer service. You need it because he will be working away from you and the ability of proper communication is the key to a better working relationship.


Before signing a contract for your web designer, discuss an on-going relationship. Like what I’ve said, go for the person who has the passion to help your business and not just depending on the contract that you’ve written.

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