Website and graphic designers seem to be a little allergic to the word “writing”. Most graphic designers like you think that it’s not a part of your job and thus, you do not have to worry about it. However, little did you know, there will be tasks that will surely require you to write your own copy. Perhaps if this never crossed your mind, you might want to consider why writing is essential even for you.

Impressing your Clients

At the beginning of every website, most clients are just clueless as you are. They also do not know what to put on their website. The reason why the famous “lorem ipsum” is always to the rescue. Some business owners were not aware of the importance of hiring a copywriter and some of them cannot afford it. Thus, that’s where you will make your grand entrance. If you can show your client the perfect graphics with the right words to attract his customers, your reputation as a designer will surely level up and your client will be happy to have you as part of his team.

Understanding your Target Audience

As you dive into deeper research about the designs and images you will use for your next masterpiece, you will also get the chance to pinpoint your client’s target audience. You will be able to know what are the specific techniques you can use to connect to them through words. These include texts such as calls to action or storytelling essentials. As you get used to your client’s target audience, you might not realize it but you are gaining more value as a designer. A graphic designer who knows their client’s products, services, and target market by heart is the kind of professional every client is looking for.

Learning Experience

Just like how the old notion goes “practice makes perfect”. Your writing does not have to be perfect because the job itself is a never-ending learning process. You will have to write, write and write to become better. As long as you are eager enough to learn new techniques and try out different styles, there’s no way that you will fail in writing. Improving both your graphic design and writing skills will surely make you a one of a kind designer.

An Ideal Graphic Designer

You will need writing not only when you are dealing with your client’s tasks. As you communicate with them, you will also realize that the way you talk and understand them can also be a part of improving your writing skills. At some point, you will meet a client that will only provide you with a brief explanation of their tasks and nothing more. In those situations, you will have to practice your thinking capabilities and come up with an output that your client has in his mind.

Graphic designing by definition is the combination of shapes, images, and words. With that fact alone, it makes sense that you should also spare some time in improving your writing skills.

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