Your e-commerce website is considered as your marketplace. Online shopping at this present time is the most convenient way to do personal purchases. Your own website must be well equipped with the right content, color schemes, buttons, theme etc. What you put inside your website might be a deciding factor for your visitors to still stay and scroll through or leave immediately.

Every business must understand the importance of a homepage. Unfortunately, not all businesses know how to effectively optimize their sites and increase their conversion. It is essential that you understand the right elements to put inside your e-commerce website.

Here are some of the things you should put inside your e-commerce website homepage to make sure it’s attractive for the users:

1. Brand Logo

Your very own brand logo will serve as your unique distinction. Most people often remember a brand logo instead of its brand name. Your logo must be recognizable, and must be one of the things to stand out in your website, so that people would know that they are on the right website.

2. Search Bar

Not all visitors will have the same thing in mind. Apart from your featured products, it is best that you have a search bar icon present in your website. This is perfect for the people who have a certain product in mind to purchase in your website.

3. Shopping Cart

In most times, customers don’t just make one single purchase. A shopping cart will help your customers to review what products they are about to purchase.

4. Blog

A blog has become an essential part of a website. Through your featured blogs, you are able to make interactions with your customers. Blogs are one important aspect to increase your website’s ranking on search engine. It also helps the customers to be informed and updated with the current happenings within your brand.

5. Terms and Conditions

Keep your customers well informed of your terms and services, because not all businesses have the same policies. It is also important to let the people know about your return and exchange policies.

6. Contact Us

There will always be customers who would want to contact you regarding their queries, comments and suggestions. Your customers must know were they should contact you if in case they would want to reach out.

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