As a web designer, you should have your own portfolio website. The technology keeps on updating and everything can be found on the Internet. Whether you treat your work as a hobby or a business, you must have a website wherein people can see everything about you and whatever services that you can offer. Aside from getting potential customers, it can be your online diary where you can put and remember all your hard work. If you don’t know which niche to take yet and you just keep on designing, you better create a portfolio website so that people will know your potential skills and talents which may benefit their businesses and personal choices.

If you don’t know the reasons why you need to have your own portfolio website, here are some information to help you decide whether it is for you or not.

Stand out.

You’re not the only best designer in this world. There are also many designers with different niche so the first thing that you should consider to get potential clients is to stand out from them. You are your brand so you have to make sure that your brand is standing among the sea of web designers targeting your potential clients while having your best web design portfolio. You should establish a better identity online wherein you can be called easily to sign a new project from the clients. If you’re looking for a job, it is more convenient for the employers to find everything about you online. It can also make a positive impression about you. Having a web design portfolio can make them expect that you’re truly proud and dedicated to every project that you’ve done.

Be accessible.

We already said that today is a modern world wherein technology is the main helper of humans. In just one single click, a client can see all your hard work and consider you to get hired. Make sure to put all your contact details such as email address, contact numbers and wherever you want to be contacted for a business deal. Your portfolio website is always online and can be accessed by different people across other countries. Make sure to enjoy the life as a web designer and create your website portfolio professionally.

Proof of work done.

Most of the clients and companies nowadays ask for proof that you’ve made a certain thing. If they can see all your past designs, then before they contact you it is possible that they already decided to hire you for a certain project regarding websites. Everything is different from web designers who’ll just say that he did this and that without giving an art design portfolio of his finished projects. If an employer is to choose between a web designer with and without portfolio website, who do you think they will choose?

To keep you organized.

        Projects done, which were only stored in emails and USB flash drives can be lost and stolen. Creating a portfolio website is necessary because it keeps your projects organized and visible to other people which can be your next client.


With these reasons we have listed, you should start thinking about when you must create your own portfolio website. The answer is now! Keep getting more clients and enhance your creativity and skills.



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