We are in the exact era wherein we cannot live without our mobile phones anymore. Mobile apps have transformed from being a subject of leisure to a global necessity. Thus, your dream of becoming a mobile app developer is something that you should definitely strive for. So, if you are looking for a guide to help you get started, you are just in the right place. 

1. Where and how do you see yourself working as a mobile app developer?

Before you jump into technicalities, start your app developer dream within yourself. It is a little cheesy statement but it’s true. Think of the work environment that you want. Do you want to work on your own or do you want to belong in a team or even start your own team? You have the freedom to choose which path to take. However, you must also remember that this freedom comes with feelings of insecurity, doubts, and stress. This situation happens for beginners who are struggling to establish their careers. So, if you don’t have any clue about what you want, you are definitely risking your success. 

  As a starter, you can ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Why do you want to become an app developer? Do you have a great interest in coding or do you have an app you want to develop in mind? 
  • Have you been looking forward to developing apps ever since you can remember or you just recently have taken interest in joining the field? 
  • How do you feel when you realized that being an app developer is what you really want to do in life? 

Remember the passion that you felt and why this dream is what you want in the first place. This will fuel you to see and plan the future that you want.

To move on, you can next imagine how will your everyday working life be and ask yourself these:

  • Will you belong to a big tech company or a small start-up? 
  • Will you be designing Android apps for musicians or will you be developing games for the iTunes store?
  • What will your typical working day look like? Will you be collaborating with the others? Will you be working solo? What are the skills you will commonly use?

Take time on imagining your path but base it on facts. Do some research about the company you want to be in or find some inspiration from a person who is already successful in your dream job.

2. What platform do you prefer and what captures your interest? 

As you know, the mobile app development world is too big and there are three development platforms you can choose from. There’s Android, iOS, and Windows. You can either choose from one of them or you might want to go to all of three. However, as a newbie, it is highly suggested that you go for iOS or Android apps first before expanding your horizons on other app development platforms

On the other hand, when it comes to your interests and your experiences, at one point, you may have thought that being an IoT developer is what you want to be, simply because the technology was neat. However, as you get to experience advanced wearables such as VR headsets, you can either get inspired to try new things or come to your final resolve that your IoT is really the only one for you. Identify what kind of app developer you are and who you want to be.

3. Get the Necessary Education

Professionals have to get a diploma before they are named to be one. Just like in any other field, you have to get the necessary education to become an app developer. Take note that it is not just because of the degree but its an assurance that you really have the knowledge that you need. It is a huge part of investing in yourself. It will not just give you a job but it will also provide you growth. Computer Science or Software Engineering are just two of the many courses you can take. If you want to improve, even more, you can enroll in some online courses that specifically focus on app development.

4. Get Serious With the Basics

App development is sure complicated and involves different languages. Thus, you have to be really knowledgable starting from the fundamentals such as programming, mobile user interface design, and lastly, business expertise. 

  • Programming

There’s a lot of programming language but that’s not the most important. Instead, focus on the logic behind those algorithms and how they can be translated into useful codes. Once you know about how programming works, you will be able to grasp the language that you want. 

  • Mobile user interface design

The core of an app is the mobile user interface design and thus, if you can code it, you are starting your career right.

  • Business expertise

Of course, you want to make money out of the app you are developing and thus, you must know how to run the business. Make sure that as you learn all of the fundamental skills you need on app development, you are also learning and finding ways on how to monetize it. 

5. Create, Practice, Repeat

The best way to know whether you are finally ready to start your journey to your dream job is to create and build your own software. Once you create your own, you will be able to rate yourself and be aware of your skills and limitations. It will give you the room to grow and improve. Plus, your works can also serve as part of your portfolio. Whether you want to look for a job or collaborate, your portfolio will surely back you up. 


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