Content has never been more needed than today. With that, you think that it will be very easy for you to outsource content writing services and find a writer for yourself. Well, it’s partly true as you’ll have many choices on the web, however, how can you make sure that he or she is the right one? For starters, you can first ask yourself first what kind of content writer you really need. Writers are surely flexible but still, wouldn’t it be more appealing to find someone who’s specifically expert for your needs? Thus, here’s the list of content writers you should check out to narrow down your choices.

1. Brand Journalists

As you know, journalists are known for being straight to the point, curious, and very keen on details. It is a part of their day-to-day routine to ask questions and dig deeper into a story. Long pieces of work are only a normal thing to them and they find joy in looking at the different angles of a story. Genuine brand journalists are often experts in creating headlines, investigative blog posts, company history, About pages, and other content marketing pieces. Basically, they are great at seeking and writing stories. Thus, if you’re just barely starting your website, having a brand journalist on your team can surely help you in developing a brand personality that can communicate your business’s goal and your story.

2. SEO Copywriters

This type of content writer is also known as a jack-of-all-trades. Aside from knowing the basics of SEO and the importance of keywords, they also have a talent for writing short but high-awareness-level content. SEO copywriters can create an informative description even with a limited number of words. If you are looking for someone who can team up with your SEO specialist, these types of writers are the ones you should be specifically looking for.

3. Digital Writers

Unlike typical print media advertising where billboards only involve describing two or three things, websites, on the other hand, have several pages, links, buttons, etc. Digital writers use their expertise to write descriptions of these site features, mainly on core pages. At times, they are also the ones responsible for transactional or error messages you encounter while using a site. These writers can be described as logical and analytically minded. Before writing about something they make sure that it was backed up with data and is surely factual.

4. Lead Generation Writers

Lead Generation Writers are those types of writers who often give emphasis on urging a reader to take action. They are known to have knowledge in psychology, analytics, and data, which help them come up with a more effective copy. Lead Generation Writers is best for you if you have tasks such as:

  • Landing pages
  • Web banner advertisements
  • Call to actions
  • Sales letters
  • Pay-per-click ads

5. Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts are just literally how they are. They have in-depth knowledge about a certain niche and they know how to write it with authority. With their expertise, they can come up with more original topics and even have a different insight about them. You are looking for a subject matter expert if you need contents like:

  • E-books
  • Executive briefs
  • Whitepapers
  • Step by step how-to content
  • Link-generating content
  • Period special content series

6. Influencers

If you want to be instantly popular with your target audience or other people than your target audience, you can use the advantage of hiring an influencer. Some of these influencers will not just put a halo to your brand but will also act as your subject matter expert. Influencers usually have a specific role in a niche or an industry and you can use them for your company’s betterment.

7. Social Media Writers

Social media writers are literally experts on socializing with the use of online media. They know how to approach a potential customer and start a conversation. Social media writers are highly-knowledgeable when, where and how, they will use polls, provocative statements, hashtags, links, and questions to attract the audience. If you want to build a strong brand in social media, you should take note of these individuals.

8. Advertising Copywriters

If you know that your business is involved in a very saturated industry, you might want to think about hiring an advertising copywriter. These writers are connoisseurs in creating unique and never-heard-before perspective from an already familiar story. If you want to establish your brand whether, in modern or traditional media, advertising copywriters are the ones for you.

9. Technical Writers

Technical writers are often known to be detail-oriented, efficient, thorough, and methodical. These types of writers can make complicated things simple to understand. As we all know, technical writers are known for contents such as:

  • Manuals
  • How-tos’
  • Instructions
  • Guides
  • FAQs

These are just a few of the specific types of writers. Knowing their differences might at least help you in determining what kind of outsource content writing services you should look for.

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