A graphic design plays a significant amount of role in today’s highly modernised business market. A strong marketing strategy always require impressive marketing materials. Whether digital or other forms of marketing, graphic design is needed in the following:

  • Brand logo
  • Website
  • Mobile App Design
  • Social Media Pages
  • Leaflets
  • Stationeries
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards, etc

Part of the competitive nature of every business is having to effectively relay a message or information to a brand’s target market, the people. While it doesn’t just stop there, graphic design has become an essential part for brands to effectively communicate with their audience.

Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

A good graphic design is very powerful in today’s digital marketing world. Along with the reality that people have now become very reliant to their phones and gadgets for their day to day activities. It also goes to show that people have become more visually inclined now than before.

Furthermore, studies show that as of today’s technological landscape, the attention span of an average web user believes it or not as short as 6.8 seconds. So as for marketers, you barely have 7 seconds to catch the attention of your audience. This is actually why graphic design is vital in an effective marketing ad.

Why is it Important?

Generally speaking, graphic design is the art of blending in information and creativity. Marketers make use of it as a trick to grab the viewer’s interest, as a result making him or her search more. Furthermore, it is also used for the following:

  • Brand Identity – a brand identity is what makes businesses stand out among their other competitors. A brand identity is a distinct quality of an organization and a good individual identity of a specific brand ultimately attract not just customers as well as potential traders.
  • Create a Strong Impression – it must not only read a clear message, it must also create a strong impact to the viewers.
  • Tell a Story – a well crafted graphics mixed with a good content will leave a perfect impression to the viewers.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, as cliche as it may sound, this saying is actually true. A picture may sometimes convey a message in a manner that is even more clearer than words.

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