More than 74% of the world population has a social media sites—Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, people almost spend their time browsing the internet. With these social media, products and services can easily be searched around the web as more netizens click, post or share a product or service that they see on their social media accounts.

Social Media Online Marketing is one of the best tools to advertise your products and services, and to reach more potential customers. But how can you effectively use your social media accounts to attract more customers? Here are some important things to consider to boost your social media online marketing.

7 Social Media Marketing Trends to Rule 2016

Post Updates Regularly

Many companies have different social media networking sites, but do they post updates regularly? Or they just let them have social media platforms linked to their website and then leave it outdated? Do not let your business goes to the latter type. Update your news, activities, products and services. At least two posts per day make your social media accounts active and help users to know that your business is on hand.

Social Media Scheduling. 

Schedule your updates in your social media tools can help you manage your time effectively. You can schedule on when or what time you are going to update a post in your business’ Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. You can do this one at a time, which means that you can update a post from one social media account to another, depending on where your post suits the best. You can also schedule your posts by seasonal trends, holidays, and other special occasions.

Don’t link your personal profile to your business page.

 Linking your business page to your personal profile might be beneficial. However, doing this makes your business unprofessional. You might want to gain likes, tweets or shares by doing this but your friends and acquaintances might not be your potential customers.

Post photos with relevant contents. 

People are more likely to watch an interesting video or view a creatively-designed photo rather reading a very long “word post”. Posting photos or videos related to your website can gain a great number of audiences. Try to post a catchy photo or video and add up some short compelling sentences. You can also create an appealing photo that is relevant to what you want to share.

Social media online marketing is now one of the most effective tool to broaden the market of your business. Use your social media regularly, relevantly, and interestingly. Social media platforms are already there come knocking into your potential customers so utilize it for better business opportunities.

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