2018 was the actual rise of web development companies offering their specialties. In 2018, it was a major requirement for businesses to establish their online presence. As of our present year 2019, becoming known online is not enough. Your must stand out amongst your other competitors.

The thing is that, not all e-commerce sites are able to consequently pull-off a quality website design that is at par in terms of its content and technicalities. Truth is, it is not because of low skilled web developers who lack proper understanding of such programming language. It is typically because of the lack of clear guidelines.

What you need to know as of today is that, web development trends for this year will mainly focus on the people’s user experience (UX). Furthermore, we have listed below some other trends that must be incorporated to your e-commerce site this year:

Mobile First

People are glued to their phones in most of the day. Mobile devices have indeed reigned over the use of desktop computers and even laptops. This is why mobile applications is the top trend in terms of web development.

Note that the goal for mobile-first design should not only focus on SEO. The goal should be based on how your website will adjust based on the device used by your visitor.

Flat Design

This trend has been actually introduced since 2017. However, for a much better mobile performance, web designers and developers must consider having a clean and simple design.

Single Page

Web pages are typically created with a specific topic. While this can also be very useful as it can be quite logical since the content is only centred in one web page. On the flip side, you now have to consider that mobile devices have smaller viewing screens.

Keep in mind that minimalist design and a fast loading site are also top trends that will continuously reign in web development.

Micro Animations

We are currently in an era where people are so quick to lose patience. Note that you only have a few seconds to catch your visitor’s attention. In that span of seconds, you should be able to create an impression.

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