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Being a web designer is a tedious job and the elaborate details we see when browsing through our favorite websites is a proof of just how much work is put into designing it. Whether you’re visiting your favorite social media platform, online shopping, or simply just looking through different websites, a web designer is working to ensure that these websites look and work amazingly. Web designers are vital in the web industry. The design is almost as important as the contents of your website.

You might be wondering what a web designer actually does. Below are some basic but important skills you need when working as a web designer that could help you succeed in the industry.

Basic design patterns. There are many design patterns to choose from but it’s essential to go back to the basics once in a while. Going out of your comfort zone is great. However, users tend to, time and time again, go back to what they’re familiar with. For example, using some of the most basic design patterns like structural, creational, and behavioral will likely provide an overall pleasant experience to users. Learning these patterns can help you when working on a project.

Common graphic designs. As a web designer, familiarizing yourself with the common graphic designs is important in creating visual elements that web users will like. Having a nose for what’s visually pleasing when working on the graphic design is necessary in the industry. Work on the fundamental parts first before moving on with the complicated ones.  

Typography. Typography is important in web designing. Using the correct font is essential for the designs to come together. In fact, the color, size, and font can affect how well users will perceive your website.

Visual message. How effective your design convey a message is important especially if you have a specific target audience. How well you get your point your point across in visual form is vital to being a web designer.    

User testing. User testing is pretty self-explanatory. It’s all about creating designs and seeing which one works best with feedback from real users. This allow you to create designs from  a different viewpoint.        

User interface design. UI design is all about efficiency. It focuses on getting things done while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. This allows users to make use of the function made for the design.

These are just some of the many skills aspiring web designers can learn. Try working on these skills first and slowly work your way to the top.

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