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Alexis graduated with a degree in Marketing Management and has some basic SEO skills for creating blog and social media content. With hands-on experience, she knows how to manage and run Facebook and Google Ads.
28 05, 2024

5 Competitive Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Agents

By |2024-05-28T13:24:54+08:00May 28th, 2024|Build Your Own Website, Real Estate Marketing Strategies, Real Estate Website|0 Comments

In the Philippines, the real estate industry has experienced significant growth. With this growth comes the challenge of establishing trust and effectiveness as an agent in a highly competitive market.  This blog will explore the most successful real estate marketing strategies to assist agents in distinguishing themselves in a competitive market and attracting a larger [...]

16 05, 2024

5 Effective Business Marketing Strategies for SMEs

By |2024-05-16T15:15:53+08:00May 16th, 2024|Digital Marketing|0 Comments

Starting and running a business requires careful planning and execution. One crucial aspect of this process is creating a clear and effective business marketing plan. A business marketing plan serves as a roadmap for your company to achieve its objectives and goals. By developing a well-thought-out strategy, you can navigate challenges and pave the way [...]

2 10, 2023

Real Estate Website: 8 Reasons Why Every Agent Should Have One

By |2024-04-12T09:42:44+08:00October 2nd, 2023|Build Your Own Website, Web Development, Website Creation, Website Development|0 Comments

  8 Reasons Why Every Agent Should Have Their Own Real Estate Website In today's digital era, we have quick access to information and it's essential to have a solid online presence. The real estate industry has experienced a remarkable transformation as a result.  Professionals within this industry are leveraging technology to promote properties, establish [...]

2 08, 2023

Google Ads for Local Business: 3 Proven Strategies

By |2024-04-04T15:42:07+08:00August 2nd, 2023|Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Google My Business|0 Comments

Google Ads for Local Business In today's digital landscape, harnessing the power of online advertising is crucial for businesses to reach their target audience and drive growth. Google Ads, with its extensive reach and advanced targeting capabilities, offers businesses an opportunity to maximize their online visibility and expand their customer base.  In this blog, we [...]

6 02, 2023

Online Clothing Store : 5 Successful Practices

By |2024-04-04T15:48:33+08:00February 6th, 2023|Ecommerce Website, Online Clothing Store, Online Store|0 Comments

Online Clothing Store Today's clothing online store is on trend in e-business. The traditional methods of controlling and selling are no longer discussed. The world is moving online, How will you run a successful online clothing store? What are the best practices for a successful online store?  Here are the 5 Successful Practices for Online [...]

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