This 2016, you should learn on what are the web design trends that will stand out so that you can have a website redesign just in case you needed it. Good SEO, better contents and the perfect website design will complete you success when it comes to establishing your business online. There are many web designers who make different unique designs for everyone to follow and by technology change; there are other users and web designers who can come up with better designs and layout. While other web designers are into creating it from scratch, there are web designers who can make decisions whether to enhance it depends on the usability. There are creative fields which influence people in the web designing company like the traditional graphic designs.

5 Elements to Consider in Creating Website Designs

Different mixtures of methods, creative new solutions and other ideas can eventually result to trends. This year, you can notice that most websites are in uniform. You can look into a web designing company and look into the other then you can find something similar on them. That is not really bad. In fact, we can call it brilliant ideas. People nowadays are comparing websites that they also check online. For example, you are going to buy something in an online clothing store and you will check two different websites. The first thing that you can say is how different, how complicated or easier to use the other site is. When a website has different design from most of the other website, then it is the time for them to make a website redesign according to trends if they want their business to be left behind.

Now, let us go on and check what this 2016 is in store for us. We made a list of the five web design trends for you to try.

The Hamburger Menus

Have you already heard about it? Since more and more people are browsing and using the Internet on their phones, these little icons to access a menu are called hamburger menus. People are now familiar with it so why not try to put it on your desktop sites? It doesn’t mean that in a desktop people will never remember the use of it.

The Long Scroll

We are not talking here about magazines and other foldable papers. We are into websites, web designing and everything about it. Forget the word “above the fold” on your website because the current trends that we have is all about long scroll. If you’re familiar with the app called Instagram, you can see that when you are looking into your feeds, you’ll notice that it has endless scrolling. The same goes for websites. The longer you can scroll on your homepage is the better website that you can create. You can write as many things as you like but make it sure that your white space is clean enough and without too much images or other things. Make it balance and always remember in web designing, less is more.

The Card Layouts

Have you seen or checked the website of Pinterest? They have that nice card layouts in which the user or the visitor of that website can instantly see the information that he or she needed in just one look. Card Layouts are best recommended to organizations and other groups or teams.

The Hero Images

Hero images are the best thing to put on the front page of your websites with relevant content that directly grabs the user’s attention. While having these thing on your websites can be good always remember that you should have a vision. High quality photos are not the answer to keep your website’s success. It will always be about the relevance of contents.

The Flat Design

Who can resists the well-known flat designs that started two years ago? They are the best types of designs which captivate the creativity of many web designers and as well as it is the main topic in a web designing company. If you want to achieve a clean and minimal kind of website, go for flat designs. Aside from being clean, flat designs are also easy to load compared to those which are not.

Now that you’ve already learned about the web design trends, are you ready to make some changes on your websites? Well, you can call your web designers and set up a meeting to talk about what you need. Figure it out if a website redesign is applicable to your websites or you can have a web designing company to make and add some changes on it.



Image Credit | Pixabay

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