We are now a few weeks in bidding goodbye on our current year. Looking back over the past months of 2018, web designing has undergone drastic evolvement. Web designers are continuously keeping up with the perpetual changes that are involved in designing.

In web designing, you must also be able to incorporate the different technological advancements in your designs. This includes the use of mobile apps, VR, AR, and AI, furthermore, it is the job of a web designer to have these technological advancements more bearable and accessible for users.

2018 had implored different fun and crazy illustrations of web designing. As we welcome 2019, experts have already predicted that this coming year will be about becoming unique and different.

The coming year will also be a year of incorporating both aesthetics and technology. However, we are still anticipating more creative innovation. If there’s one thing that designers must be aware of, it’s the unending possibilities of changes.

Let us give you a list of some of the design trends that you will see comes 2019:


Expect to be seeing big and bold typography on websites. The primary aim for this is to make the contents readable and more appealing to the readers. In addition, this also intends to create an appropriate environment that will enable the readers to trust the site. Be able to attract the readers’ interest and convince them to avail of what the website has to offer.

Emotional Appeal

One of the current trends to move forward to the coming year is authenticity. One very powerful marketing strategy that has been proven and tested are messages that appeal to people’s emotion.


Another important trend to take note of is innovation in infographics. Designers must take into great consideration is that people are fond of seeing creative and captivating infographics. According to surveys, people find infographics more appealing than blogs since it is more shareable.

Mobile Friendly App

Another current trend to come along in 2019 is having a more friendly mobile app. Accelerated Mobile App Pages (AMP) is a software designed to accelerate the loading rate of the webpages on mobile devices.

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