Having an effective and quality content will surely build up your customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and most certainly drive leads.

Whether your needed content is for your online magazine, articles about customer support, blogs or content for your marketing products, you will need to have quality writers that will effectively influence your target readers and consumers.

However, according to a lot of marketing experts, it’s hard to find excellent writers that suit their brand. In looking for the right writers, it’s not enough that they are fluent in the use of the English language. Writers need to be creative and efficient. Furthermore, they must possess the ability to create valuable content that are able to inform and engage the readers.

Hire In-house or Outsource?

As an entrepreneur, know that you have the option to hire an in-house team or outsource such tasks involving all your content creation. Deciding whether to hire an internal writer/team of writers or to outsource could be a tough one.

You have to take a closer look of your options, consider and weigh all its pro’s and con’s. Now let us help you come up with a decision, we have discussed below both option’s comparisons and differences:

How will it cost you?

The very first thing that you have to consider is your costs. Whether it will be for a short or a long term, which option will be the best for your business?

Whether you decide to hire an internal writer/s or outsource note that you certainly allot a budget for your job postings and other resources included in the hiring process.

Apart from the salary given to your in-house, remember that insurance and benefit costs should also be included to your employee’s total compensation costs. Moreover, you also need to consider the added payroll taxes and other costs for the resources needed by your hired writer/s:

  • Office space
  • Desk
  • Computer
  • Office Chair

On the other hand, in outsourcing your content creation, know that you will usually have three options when it comes to the payment process.

  • Per hour– although this type of arrangement is rarely preferred by most writers, expect that the average price per hour would be as low as $12- $60. Moreover, this type of arrangement are mostly applicable to highly experienced writers and they may charge as high as $100 per hour.
  • Per article– the average pricing range for writers who charge per article is usually from $50-$500. This will also depend on the length of each article.
  • Agency– aside from directly outsourcing a freelance writer/s, you also have the option to outsource writers from an agency. As for agencies, they usually have a team of marketing experts which have their own specialties such as: content strategist, content writer and for promotion.

Quality of content?

In hiring writers, whether it is an in-house or outsourced, the quality of output should always be considered. Whatever type of content needed, it is always a matter of finding the right person to market and promote your brand.

As for in-house, now that one of the advantages for your employee is that, they are most likely to elevate an in depth brand knowledge over time. They are solely focused on working for your brand, products and services. Plus communication will be a lot more easier since your employee is within your working space.

As for freelancers, now that they are more exposed to different types of clients with different types of brands. This means that, it wouldn’t be hard for them to easily know what your brand needs in creating contents. Plus, you will also have the advantage to hire experts in any given field.

In addition, you may not need a full-time writer/s who will solely focus on creating content. You may not also need to hire full-time writers that will have to produce such amount of content on a daily basis. If this is your case, hiring a freelance writer/s will be much more convenient.


In terms of flexibility, one of the advantages of outsourcing is that, you can hire people in “as needed basis.” If you do not need to produce any content as of the moment, you could put a hold on any contract writing work.

Same goes if you need to amp up your content creation, immediately, you can simply hire freelancers to do the task. Doing the same with internal employees may require a tedious task, not to mention the given costs.

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