Digital Marketing has grown exponentially in terms of promoting a certain product/s or service/s. Social Media Marketing is also another tool that businesses use to reach their target audiences around the globe. The use of such social media platforms has proven to be the most effective.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing have been the top Social Media Platforms where businesses can market their products and services. Given that almost all people in our present time are hooked on either Facebook or Instagram, these businesses have taken advantage of such popularity.

However, with the rapid evolution of these online platforms, gone are the days when social media marketing was just about expanding your followers. This is how Social Media Marketing is presently evolving:

  • Increased Consumption and Mobile Connectivity

    We are more inclined to our smartphones today than ever before. Thanks to our continuously advancing technology, anything can be possible with just a few clicks!

    Our age of perpetual internet engagement has made people wiser and more demanding. This evolution makes it hard for online businesses to compete and stand out amongst each other. Social Media users are rigorously increasing. As a result, these businesses must also keep up with what’s in trend to always be relevant.

  • Internet Privacy and the Need to Establish Trust

    Along with the advancements in our technology is the rise of concerns regarding how people’s privacy is being invaded on the internet.

    The spread of fake news, identity stealing, cyberbullying; these are just some of its negative effects. These predicaments have shown great effects, especially to the youth. That is why marketers must be able to understand the need to strengthen their privacy and security to protect their audiences, especially with the younger demographic.

  • The Constant Change in Algorithm

    This is very applicable to Facebook Marketing. Facebook has been constantly updating its social media platform. We have already bid goodbye to “click-baits”, what is currently “in” at present, to reach a wider range of audiences are video postings and live streaming. Anything that will create a communicative engagement with the online community.

    As you may have observed, the best way to reach your target audience is to post content that is authentic and engaging. Facebook and Instagram have leveled up their game in terms of social media engagements making them the top two competitors for the business.

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