Today, web application development  has evolved from static HTML pages to the complex business application and make completely dynamic. There are millions of digital and printed resources about the tips and step-by-step instruction about web developing. There are some sites shows how they “smart” enough to fix any mistake that an early web developer can do.

The main purpose of these development patterns, platforms, and practices is to share the common ground, to help you to become a better web developer.

Here are some of the common mistakes that a web developer made:

Common mistake #1: Incorrect input validation

We simply must do the validating the user input on the client and the server side, but there will be some mistake by the web developer in stemming from validation the happens which may happen too often. And the common mistake is the SQL Injection. It is a very simple  annotation to assure that submitted data are adhering to expected.

Common mistake #2: No proper authentication

When a web developer is verifying a specific person, he/she is using his password to provide as a security credential. In authentication, it is a part where you are confirming that a particular person to access on the to a specific resource or in a short description, your let a permission granted.

Common mistake #3: Not ready to scale

One of the goals of web developer is having your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) out on the  market as soon as possible. Scaling is the one which should be take granted. There are some times that it will get serious problems. It, not enough when selecting the scalable database and web servers then separating all of the application layers on an independent scalable servers.

Common mistake #4: Missing or wrong SEO

The main reason of this incorrect SEO is misinforming the SEO specialist. Some developers don’t know a lot about the SEO so there are some developers got a lot of mistake on this. If you are not an SEO specialist, you should not claim as one. SEO is often postponed and it is always done in the end. This comes with a lot of web development issues.

Common mistake #5: Time-consuming action in request handlers

This should handle by an external process in the time you release your HTTP requests.

Common mistake #6: No optimizing on bandwidth usage

When you are optimizing the bandwidth usage it will give you a very fast performance boost. But it will gain the boost, it needed some tricks for you to make it.

Common mistake #7: Screen size problems

Creating a responsive design is one of the known issues nowadays. Every Time a developer create a website, they should make their layout fixed and can be also be read on mobile devices.

Common mistake #8:Incompatibility of the cross browser

Some web developer uses different browser. Browsers worked but some are not. It also depends on what browser you use for all the time.

Common mistake #9: No plans for portability

Always handle the exception if the web server configuration is not expected. Make sure that your application will run on a load-balanced multiple server environments. And lastly, make a simple and clear configuration.

Common mistake #10: Restful anti-patterns

Send HTTP 200 OK if the request has an error. If there is an error, send 400, 401, 500 or any other status code that is appropriate for the error that has occurred.


Being a Web Developer is a bit complicated. You can learn more about the web developing but asking some and also read more about the topic.



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