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People nowadays are always using the searching website to know what, when, where, which, why or how does a thing or a person exist in this world. Anything and everything you want to know is just right there in just one simple click. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other more search engines that can me your company on the most searched. If your company website makes it to the top, you can be advertised and been showed by a lot of searchers.

Having a guide about SEO can make your website be on the top and making it get a lot of clicks and writing the words which are on the top search and having a very creative phrase will make sure that all of the visitors of your site can have an interest in your company.

Here are some ways:

  • Accept all the downs and ups.

          Your site not always on the top searches, it may go up or down in ranking. Building a rich anchor text link to your site can make your reader or visitors access your website easily.

  • Use the social media

          One of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking is to use the social media sites. Making a profile on these three sites─ Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can make your company advertise in a very large number of audiences. You can also promote your site by adding social media buttons, which can make your visitors easily share your page.

  • Spread your link everywhere.

          If ever you are writing a blog for you site, there is a website where you get its idea. Don’t forget to link it because it is not right to copy other man’s post without asking or giving them a proper credit. Some of the links you put on your website can make you to the top rank too

  • Add some content which is useful

          Make everything on your site useful. All of the visitors on your website don’t read everything on your site. They are just scanning it what is your company all about. You can put a question and answer page on your site so that your visitors can just read a few but know a lot about your company.

          If you want to make your website be searched a lot, put more content. Adding more blog post with decent information and it should have a topic about what is the job or business of the company.

  • Using a paid advertisement

           This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve and advertise your company. Paid advertisements on Google or on any social media sites can make your site be viewed by a lot of users.

  • Search your company

          By using any search engine in the net, try to search the name of your company. This is one of the ways of the check if your site can easily recognize and the name will top on the searches. If your company doesn’t appear on the top searches especially when you search its full name, maybe your company has the same name with some other site. Make sure that your company name doesn’t have the same name with another site.


          Writing a convincing and top searched words is the most common part to make your site become the top of the ranking. Updating your site by putting some recent news on your blog can make your site on the top searched ranking. This is just some ways; you can have your own strategy to make your site on the top search ranking.



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